Abandon kansas - we're all going somewhere - Pope Benedict’s Message at Funeral of Cardinal Meisner.

Over time, it has become a political lightning rod and one of our most divisive social policies. It has evolved into a regime of racial preferences at almost all selective schools -- preferences so strikingly large and politically unpopular that administrators work hard to conceal them. The largest, most aggressive preferences are usually reserved for upper-middle-class minorities on whom they often inflict significant academic harm , whereas more modest policies that could help working-class and poor people of all races are given short shrift . Academic leaders often find themselves flouting the law and acting in ways that aggravate the worst consequences of large preferences. They have become prisoners of a system that many privately deplore for its often-perverse unintended effects but feel they cannot escape.

Below we have livestreams on everything from YouTube to Facebook to virtual reality. Some of the streams even include a 360 degree feature that lets you swivel your head like you’re really there. So don’t despair. Watching online also allows you to avoid permanent eye damage. Not to mention the fact that it lets you avoid having to be near other humans.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler said the Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress have eroded confidence in the nation's insurance markets by pushing for a repeal of Obamacare and refusing to guarantee billions of dollars in reimbursements expected by health plans.

Abandon Kansas - We're All Going SomewhereAbandon Kansas - We're All Going SomewhereAbandon Kansas - We're All Going SomewhereAbandon Kansas - We're All Going Somewhere