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Most of you must have heard of the Magnitsky Act or even maybe of William Browder himself. You probably know that Browder was a British businessman who founded Hermitage Capital Management investment fund which Sergei Magnitsky represented as a lawyer and auditor.  Finally, you must have heard that Magnitsky died (was killed) in a Russian jail while Browder was placed by the Russian government on a black list and denied entry.  For the vast majority of you, that is probably as much thought as you ever gave this topic and I have to confess that this is also true for me.  I never  bothered really researching this issue because I knew the context so well that this, by itself, gave me a quasi-certitude that I knew what had happened.  Still, when I read this book I was amazed at the fantastically detailed account Krainer provides to what is really an amazing story.

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Alex Oriental Experience - 9Alex Oriental Experience - 9Alex Oriental Experience - 9Alex Oriental Experience - 9