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The crew's Jolly Roger is a cartoonlike depiction of a traditional skull and cross-bone with the skull wearing Luffy's trademark straw hat. In addition to being on their flag, the jolly roger has also been shown on the sails of the Going Merry and the Thousand Sunny.

From grave robbers like Dutch Pillet and Levi Chew to psychopathic killers like the “Corpse Collector,” “Frankfort Slasher,” “Hednik’s House of Horrors,” and . Holmes; America’s first- this is not your typical Liberty Bell tour! And…after a fact-packed late afternoon Grim Philly® walk we’ll rest our weary bones one of Philly's finest watering holes for a complimentary moonshine and optional pub cuisine.

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Various - Pirates ChoiceVarious - Pirates ChoiceVarious - Pirates ChoiceVarious - Pirates Choice